Electric Scooter Immobiliser & Alarm System


Add some extra assurance to your prized possession with the Scooter Immobiliser and Alarm system.

Simply fit and connect the alarm inside the deck of your scooter and into the controller with the adapter cable and the system is set to go and will run off your scooters battery!

The kit comes with a set of 2 Remotes so when you need to leave your ride un-attended, simply hit the lock button on the remote and anyone who attempts to steal your ride will be scared off by the inbuilt alarm system which detects any movement of the device its fitted to!

Plus the scooter will be completely disabled and will not turn on until unlocked by the remote!

Note: Installation Required. We highly recommend you check your controller display connection plug is a 6pin Connector and that there is sufficient space within the deck of your scooter before purchase. You can install on most scooters although some brands may require soldering wiring etc.


– Motion Sensing Alarm
– Mounts Securely inside the Floor of Scooter (ensure you have adequate space in your deck)
– Overrides Power to Scooter so it cannot Turn on unless unlocked via remote
– Piggy Back Plugs into your Scooters Display cables in the floor of Scooter
– No need for Charging or Complicated Wiring!
– Excellent Theft Deterring Device
– 2 Wireless Remotes

Compatible Models:

– Kaabo Skywalker 8S / 10C / 10H
– Kaabo Mantis Solo / Duo / Elite / Pro
– Wolf Warrior X Pro Only (Does not Fit X Plus, 11 Plus or Wolf King)
May fit some Other Brands / Models – check the fittings are the same.
Note: Dual Motor Mantis scooters are slightly more difficult to install. If you require an Alarm for Wolf Warrior or other Scooters we Recommend the Battery Operated System

Included in the Box:

1 x Alarm Box
1 x Adapter Cable
2 x Remote Control’s
1 x Double Sided Fixing Tape



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