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The long-awaited replacement of the Inokim Quick 3 is here. Introducing the Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter. A complete redesign of one of the most popular daily commuter scooters. This will become one of the flagship Inokim electric scooters and is in line with the urban freedom motto.

The new Inokim Quick 4 Super combines the award winning Red Dot design of the OX Super / Inokim OXO and the Quick series bringing together off-road and commuter features to give you that perfect balance of power, smoother riding, comfort, speed and range.

The Quick 4 has been improved in nearly every way in comparison to the Quick 3.

The Quick 4 Power Plant:

The old Quick 3 used a 450 watt rear hub motor which enables the legislated 25kmh and on private roads gave that little extra top speed to about 35kmh. The production model of the Inokim Quick 4 in comparison has 600 watts of rear motor power that will get you to a top speed of 40kmh on private roads. Not too shabby for a daily commuter.

The Quick 4 Braking System:

The old Quick 3 had a rear disc brake and front V-brake. These worked pretty well however the new Inokim Quick 4 Super now comes with front and rear drum brakes which require little to zero maintenance and pull up much better than the old version. This is much needed with the additional power and top speed you can achieve with this scooter.

The Quick 4 Battery & Range:

The Quick 3 gave you a 48V 13Ah lithium ion Samsung battery. The team at Inokim Scooters have boosted this to a 52V 16Ah lithium ion battery by Samsung. This should go down well as the additional battery capacity will give you better speed and range of up to 50-60km.

In saying this the weight of the scooter has also increased from the previous 17kg to 21kg. That’s a 4kg increase which accounts for an overall larger scooter in all dimensions, larger battery, stronger construction, deck material, larger motor and drum brakes.

The Quick 4 Suspension System:

Unlike the Inokim Quick 3 with little to no suspension, the Quick 4 has adopted a similar style suspension to the Inokim OX and Inokim OXO. Red aluminium suspension arms not only look great but they work a treat and add majorly to the riding experience of this model.

Quick 4 Design & Construction:

This is one of the standout features. The Inokim Quick 3 sported a diamond stem with an adjustable round handlebar, which kind of looked a bit odd, practical but odd and you never truly got the right fit. With the Quick 4 the diamond design is now the stem and the handlebar adjustment, this works seamlessly.

The build quality and folding mechanism are maintained and enhanced by the use of quality materials giving the overall feel of durability.

The other major change is the LCD. The display on the Inokim Quick 4 is similar to the Inokim OXO with a built-in display like a mobile phone into the top handlebars. This provides a very clear readout and is positioned exactly where you need to see all relevant details on your scooter performance.

The Inokim Quick 4 retains that quick release folding mechanism and enables portability onto public transport if so desired. A notable absence of the deck handle has now been moved to the rear part of the deck and also acts as a footrest. The antiquated front headlight from the Quick 3 is now gone with the front Inokim light integrated into the deck like the Inokim OX, OX Eco and Inokim OXO. The rear light remains on the rear mudguard. Running air-filled tyres (10″ pneumatic tyres) the overall rider weight capability stays the same at 120kg.

Quick 4 Price point:

The ideal rider for this scooter is someone that appreciates a scooter built to high quality, is serious about the daily commute and is after a mid-range model. The price point sits right in between the OX Eco as an entry-level and the OX Super as the next step up.

Available in silver black with red decals.


Weight 21.5kg
Top Speed 25kmh (Private Roads – 40kmh with unlocked LCD)
Battery 52V | 16Ah Lithium-Ion Samsung
Motor 600 Watts Brushless Gear Motor
Charge Time 7hrs for full charge
Top Range 50-60km
Road Lights Front and Rear integral Lights
Brakes Rear Drum | Front Drum
Tires Front and Rear 10″ pneumatic tires
Dimensions Open 113x57x120cm | Folded 110x25x55cm
Structural Material Aluminum 6061 T6
Max Load 120kg
LCD Display Built-in Handlebars with functions & illumination


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