Vortex Bamboo Belt Drive Electric Skateboard



Meet the All New 2nd Gen Vortex PRO Bamboo Belt Drive Electric Skateboard – Take to the asphalt and carve up some serious smiles, cause this skateboard is designed for riders who demand nothing but the best!

Carve coastlines with Comfort, Performance and Range thanks to the Vortex’ Samsung Lithium Battery and Double King Pin Carve Trucks.

The Bamboo Belt Drive boards are the ultimate board for maximum torque, acceleration, heat dissipation, and the thrill-seeker who demands larger wheel options for all-terrain adventures.

With Dual 1,500W Belt Drive Motors (3,000W Total) this board can and will deliver serious speeds on BEAST Mode or reduce it back for a more relaxed cruising mode on the Lowest Speed Setting which is also excellent for beginners and riders of all skill levels.

BELT DRIVE VS DIRECT DRIVE – Which Motor Should I Choose?

Belt Drive Motors.. provide phenomenal amounts of torque and acceleration thanks to their gearing. They are also louder than Direct Drive Motors, require a little more tuning and maintenance in belt tensions but provide excellent heat dissipation and All Terrain ability given they can accept a larger range of Wheel Options up to 155mm Pneumatic All-Terrain Tyres!

Direct Drive Motors.. provide higher top-end performance, are super smooth and lightweight for ultimate street carving. Direct Drive Motors are virtually maintenance-free, plus are extremely efficient and super silent given they produce no loud belt noises and are fast becoming the most popular choice of motor, but only accept wheel sizes up to 120mm Cloud Wheels.

WHEEL SIZES & OPTIONS – What Speed & Range Can I Expect?

As a general rule of thumb…
Larger Wheels Eg. 120mm = Faster Max Speed & Less Range / Distance on Charge
Smaller Wheels Eg. 97mm = Slower Max Speed & More Range / Distance on Charge

97mm Wheels are now standard. If you order a 2 in 1 Kit you will receive both 97mm street wheels as well as the optional wheels selected at a great package price!


R.R.P $AUD $1,799 – $1,949 $2,399
MOTORS 36V – Direct Drive 44V – Belt Drive 44V – Belt or Direct Drive
BATTERY 10.5AH or 14AH 10.5AH 15AH
RANGE Up to 35km & 50km Up to 35km Up to 55km
MAX SPEED Up to 42km/h* Up to 52km/h* Up to 52km/h*
CELL Samsung Li-Ion 18650 Samsung Li-Ion 21700
HOUSING Carbon Fibre Battery Case Enclosed Carbon Deck
DECK Bamboo & Fiberglass Carbon Fiber
POWER Direct Drive – 3,200W (Dual 1,600W) or Belt Drive 3,000W – Dual 1,500W
BRAKES Regenerative Electric EABS
SPEED MODE 3 Speed Modes – LOW – HIGH & BEAST to Max Speed
REVERSE Yes – Direct Drive Models Only
REMOTE Multi-Function (ODO, Battery, Speed, Speed Mode, Trip & Forward / Reverse)
WHEELS Optional – 97mm Street, 115mm Rubber or 155mm All Terrain
TRUCKS Double Kingpin 9″ Truck
WARRANTY 12 Months
MAX LOAD Max 120kg
CHARGER AUS 36V – 2A or 44V – 2.5A
CHARGE TIME 4-5hrs 5-6hrs
NET WEIGHT 10.5kg 9kg
DIMENSIONS 100 x 33.5 x 11.5cm 105 x 34 x 11.5cm
INCLUSIONS Skateboard, Remote, Charger, T-Handle Tool & Manual
OPTIONS / ACCESSORIES Carry Backpacks, Lights, 97mm Street Wheels, 120mm Cloud Wheels or 150mm All Terrain Pneumatic (Belt Drive Boards Only)

*Disclaimer – Range & Speeds achievable varies on wheel size, ride conditions, loading, motor use, and many other factors. Remember to refer to your local authority for legislation on where and how you can operate this device in your area.




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