Lil Rippa 16″ Kids Electric Bike


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Imagine a world where adventure begins with the push of a button and the pedal of a bike. Where every turn brings a new thrill, and every ride crafts a tale of excitement and discovery. Enter the realm of the Lil Rippa 16″ Kids Electric Bike – a marvel of modern engineering designed to unleash the spirit of adventure in every child. With its dynamic capabilities and robust features, it promises not just a ride, but a journey into the heart of adventure.

A Bike for the Whole Family:

Who says kids get to have all the fun? The Lil Rippa is designed with a max loading capacity of 100kg, making it the perfect electric bike for kids and parents alike. So, dads and moms, it’s time to join in on the adventure and make every ride a family affair!

Robust Battery and Powerful Motor for Thrilling Rides:

  • Battery: 36V – 13AH Lithium Battery
  • Run Time: Up to 120mins or 40km
  • Motor: 500W Rear Hub Brushless Motor
  • Speed: Up to 35km/h

With its high-capacity battery and powerful motor, the Lil Rippa stands out as the ultimate electric bike for kids, offering unparalleled performance and the longest ride times in its class.

Safety Features for Confident Riding:

Safety is our top priority. The Lil Rippa comes equipped with a Parental Safety Speed Override Restrictor and Limiter, ensuring a safe riding experience for beginners. As your child’s confidence grows, so does the bike’s performance – making it a future-proof choice for riders of all skill levels.

Durable Construction and Stylish Design:

Constructed with a Carbon Steel Powder Coated Frame, the Lil Rippa is as tough as it is stylish. Choose from five vibrant color options to match your young rider’s personality: Midnight Magic, Racing Ruby, Bubblegum Blast, Goblin Green, and Electric Ocean Blue.

Enhanced Visibility and Comfortable Seating:

Equipped with a Front LED Light for safe nighttime rides and an Extra Large Seat for ultimate comfort, the Lil Rippa is designed to support young adventurers aged 5-6 years and above, or approximately 130cm tall. It’s not just a bike; it’s a ticket to countless adventures and memories to last a lifetime.

Price: $1999.0

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Lil Rippa 16″ Kids Electric Bike. Perfect for young explorers craving excitement, this electric bike promises to deliver thrilling experiences, safety, and comfort on every ride. Unleash the adventure and create lasting memories with the Lil Rippa today!


Please note before you ride: Ride 'n' Roll advertises and sells its products for the sole purpose of recreational use on private property. Each state and territory in Australia maintains a different set of rules and regulations for the usage of our products, including the requirements for legal use and whether registration with the relevant local road traffic authority is necessary. It is the responsibility of users to ride with caution, wear a helmet and protective gear during use, and ensure compliance with local by-laws including requirements of use. Any information or representation provided by Ride 'n' Roll is of a general nature and may vary between users depending on individual circumstances.

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