Sobowo Fat Trike Bike 2023 Spec


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Introducing the class leading upgrades to the newest 2023 model of Sobowo FAT Trike Bike!

We are thrilled to announce these remarkable enhancements, which come at a small additional cost compared to the standard model. Prepare to be impressed as we unveil the following exciting features:

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Experience ultimate relaxation with our brand new seat made by Velo, boasting generous padding for superior comfort.
  2. Advanced Suspension: Take your ride to the next level with upgraded forks featuring compression and rebound dampening, ensuring a smooth and controlled journey.
  3. Unmatched Durability: Say goodbye to pesky punctures! Our exclusive tire design made by Kenda guarantees a near puncture-proof riding experience, providing unparalleled peace of mind when out and about.

To dive into the finer details, we have prepared a short video below. Witness first-hand how these extraordinary upgrades will revolutionise your cycling experience.

Get ready to elevate your rides to new heights with our enhanced 2023 model.


Please note before you ride: Ride 'n' Roll advertises and sells its products for the sole purpose of recreational use on private property. Each state and territory in Australia maintains a different set of rules and regulations for the usage of our products, including the requirements for legal use and whether registration with the relevant local road traffic authority is necessary. It is the responsibility of users to ride with caution, wear a helmet and protective gear during use, and ensure compliance with local by-laws including requirements of use. Any information or representation provided by Ride 'n' Roll is of a general nature and may vary between users depending on individual circumstances.

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